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Army Men RTS PC Game

Army Men RTSArmy Men RTS game is based more on “Apocalypse Now”, the movie, as a player to follow the mad colonel. This is the last released by 3DO in this series.Army men game is a series game. This is a strategy game real time. Game includes 15 campaign missions, 8 “mission for special operations” missions and 8 “big fight.
Game revolves around collecting resources (Plastic and electricity) and use them to build structures and soldiers, while fighting against tons. Each structure / soldier requires few resources.
Army Men RTSbrings your fantasy fights between plastic army men for life (well, kind of) in a real solid strategy game.
As with most RTS games, you build a base, but instead of mining resources that you use the truck for plastic flow and power of objects to create man and then build an army fit to defeat the rebels.

Army Men RTS T game goes back to a simpler time in the world of real-time strategy, as your green platoon has only two resources to gather: plastic and electricity. Your units also have a limited movement command, with move and attack being the only actions most of your units can handle. When my base would be attacked with my guys standing just out of view, I sorely missed the “patrol” command, and when they would charge into battle where they were horribly outnumbered, I could have used a good old “stand ground” command that would keep them safe. But even though it’s simpler than current RTS games, there is little fun lost because of it.

Army Men RTS game is based on a simple premise: your green army men fight the tan army men. Your overall goal is to eliminate a former green solider that has gone mad and procured a bucket of paint and gone tan. Methinks the designers were a little into Heart of Darkness and the picture of the tan soldier sitting on a throne with a lollipop as a scepter is priceless. There’s not much more plot than that but not much more is needed, honestly. When we staged elaborate battles on our lawns, in our childhood bedrooms, and even on our bathroom counters, we needed no more reason than that. The Greens were good. The Tans were bad — even Tans that were formerly Greens.

The art design guys had a blast with this game, that’s for sure. The detail in the messy house is a refreshing change from RTS games that give us trees, rocks and hills to maneuver around. Heavily detailed flying disks, watches, toothpaste tubes, potato chips, furniture and a massive scary spider all add to the feeling that you are crouched on the ground, trying to lead your army men into battle in unfamiliar territory. The thrill of running across a water gun or a dog’s chew toy or measuring cups in the kitchen, and realizing you can gather resources from it, is testament that the art is doing what it’s supposed to. The dichotomy of acknowledging the seriousness of war while running your squads underneath a skateboard, hiding them behind rotting apple and gathering resources from a dog’s bowl makes for amusing play. The details in creating the world, from your headquarters being a buried soda can to the resource depot strongly resembling a blender are very well thought out. I especially liked the barbed wire posts made of little pencils.Like other RTS games, the generic units and the heroes have a variety of things to say as you’re commanding them.

Army Men RTS Game Different codes

B B A Y A B – All of your units do extra damage and take less damage
B Y B B A X – Changes Army’s Colour
B B B Y X A – Dump Trucks Gather More Resources
Y B X A Y A – Gives 2000 Electricity
Y X B A Y B – Gives 5000 plastic
Y Y A B Y Y – Makes enemies harder to defeat
X B X B Y Y – Para-troopers drop down in camera

Army Men RTS System Requirement

Processor= 400MHz
RAM= 128MB
Graphics= 32MB

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