F 16 Multirole Fighter PC Game Free Download Full Version

F 16 Multirole Fighter

F 16 Multirole Fighter is air fighter game.Fly a fighter jet With innovative techniques such as fly-by-wire controls and sophisticated systems for night and all-weather operations and the ability to carry a variety of weapons, the f-16 continually proves to be the backbone of USAF.

F 16 Multirole Fighter

F-16 Multirole Fighter game details

Authentic Lockheed Martin approved flight model and avionics.
Flight test with Lockheed Martin and 16 “beta test”, John Fergione.
Get airborne, beginning combat in minutes
Support 3DfxTM fast, up to 1024 x 768 with Voodoo2TM [incredible with SLI]
Interactive 3D virtual cockpit exactly accurately reflects current F-16
Conditions and can be viewed at any time
40 single player missions plus 12 multiplayer missions-death 6, 6
Cooperative missions A.W. (air war)
Mission design tool to create your own scenarios and share them with friends
Use Lantern 3D F-16 for night vision and precision bombings.

F 16 Multirole Fighter Cheat Codes

Unverified. Press the T button for the message prompt and type
you got what i need – Unlimited ammo
food goes here – Reload plane
big gulp – Refuel plane
youre here forever – Invincible
damn that corner – Can’t crash
chiliburger – Repair plane
spindive – Can’t be hit
upside down – Auto level fly upside down
paperairplane – Paper airplane
water boy – Can’t crash in water
show throttle – Display throttle
show mach – Display speed in Mach number
show velocity – Displays airspeed
show ground speed – Displays ground speed
show fuel – Display fuel gauge
show fuel usage – Display fuel as consumed percentage
show aoa – Display angle of attack (deviation from surface of the ground)
blackout – Toggle blackouts on and off … over G
flameout – Toggle flameouts on and off … engines to stop
flatspin – Toggle flatspins on and off … dogfight away
patsux – Displays dev in-joke message

F 16 Multirole Fighter System Requirement

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed: 166 MHz
RAM : 16 MB
Password = wiziblog.com
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