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Fifa 2005 PC Game

Fifa 2005 PC Game : A quality first touch is the key to success in FIFA 2005. With the all-new fluid player kinetic system, your reaction time translates directly into the speed of the world’s greatest players. A great First Touch lets you trap, control the ball and use its momentum to knock it into space, flick it over a defender’s head, show off and score glorious goals. With more than 350 official teams and league licenses, an extended Career mode, and a new Creation Zone that allows you to customize players and tournaments, FIFA 2005 is the only complete, authentic, and intelligent soccer experience.
FIFA 2005 PC Game Whether playing online or offline, you’ll be able to earn FIFA 2005 points for achieving certain milestones, such as winning a game by five or more goals, scoring a hat trick, or even just for accessing certain menu options. These points can be subsequently spent on unlocking additional content for the game, FIFA 2005 which is always a good thing. Although on this occasion, the 80 bonus items up for grabs were less impressive than you might expect from an EA Sports title. The majority of the unlockable items are alternate third uniforms for major teams, while others include: official balls, training pitches, nighttime versions of stadiums, music tracks from INXS and New Order, and the famous Italian referee Pierluigi Collina.Fifa-2005

Speaking of music, the game’s soundtrack contains almost 40 different tracks from all over the world. The EA Trax selection in FIFA 2005 is about as eclectic as they come. You’ll find artists such as The Streets, Scissor Sisters, and Morrissey playing alongside the likes of Debi Nova, Ivete Sangalo, and Los Amigos Invisibles. Predictably, with such a varied jukebox at your disposal, you’ll most likely come across a few tracks that you’ll want to switch off. The flip side, though, is that you’ll inevitably like at least a handful of the tracks on offer. The English-language commentary in the game again comes courtesy of the BBC’s John Motson and Ally McCoist, who, for the most part, both do excellent jobs of talking about matches in accurate and timely fashions. There are rare occasions, though, when one of the two will randomly spout something wildly inaccurate, such as “That could’ve been 2-2!” when a shot that might have leveled a game at 1-1 narrowly misses the target. You also might hear “No! The ref has waved play on!” as the referee stops play to award a penalty.

Like all its predecessors, FIFA 2005is a great-looking game, and if you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll find that many of the stadiums and players (and specific team uniforms) are instantly recognizable. This year’s player animations are the best to grace the series to date, and, thanks largely to the introduction of the first-touch control system, there are far more of them than ever before. It’s unfortunate that the impressive stadiums in the game are packed full of cardboard-cutout crowds, but the only time you’ll notice just how bad the supporters look is during certain set pieces and in specific action replays.

So as the final whistle approaches, how do we feel FIFA 2005 has performed? Well, there’s no doubt that this is EA Sports’ best soccer game to date on the pitch. However, it’s really unfortunate that the career mode isn’t more user-friendly. Total Club Manager 2005′s compatibility with the game is a mouthwatering prospect, but even without that, it’s hard to imagine that anyone with an interest in soccer would find EA Sports’ best soccer game ever disappointing.This is a Amazing FIFA 2005 Soccer Game Download FIFA 2005 Game and says thanks.

FIFA 2005 Games Control Keys

  • Arrow Keys move player
  • E Key sprint
  • C + Z Key activate IGM
  • S Key pass, header
  • S + Q Key through ball
  • D Key shot, header, volley, clearance
  • Q + D Key chip shot
  • D + C Key fake shot
  • A Key lob, cross
  • A + Q Key early cross
  • A Key (twice) low hard cross
  • W Key through ball
  • W + Q Key lobbed through ball
  • Shift Key + Arrow Keys skill moves, first touch
  • ESC Key pause game


  • Arrow Keys move player
  • S Key switch player
  • D Key (hold) tackle
  • A Key sliding tackle
  • W Key keeper charge
  • E Key sprint
  • ESC Key pause game


  • Arrow Keys move, aim kick or throw
  • S Key throw
  • A or D Key high kick
  • W Key drop ball

FIFA 2005 Game System Requirement

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
700MHz Processor
128MB RAM (256MB for 2000/XP)


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