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Hydro Thunder PC Game

Hydro Thunder was the best boat racing game to ever hit the arcade, and the Dreamcast version carries that tradition to the consoles. However, it suffers from a user-unfriendly interface and brings absolutely no extras home. Without a tournament mode, the game’s replay value is hindered incredibly, and the lack of practice modes or time trials make the learning curve very steep. Hydro Thunder is a game I desperately wanted to like, but I was ultimately discouraged by the actual game because of the still-present arcade feel. At its core, Hydro Thunder is still a very exciting, edge-of-your-seat racer that offers awesome graphics and a solid engine, but in the end it almost punishes you for liking it.

Hydro Thunder was one of the great, colorful arcade games of the late 90s. Powered by the rush of blasting through levels 30 seconds at a time, Hydro Thunder was brightly addictive and technically impressive. It would seem though that new developers Vector Unit missed the boat, so to speak; in an apparent attempt to modernize the series with Hydro Thunder Hurricane for XBLA, they’ve succeeded only in bogging the arcade racer down with tired genre conventions the series didn’t need, robbing the game of much of its original appeal.

Hydro Thunder PC Game System Requirement

OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz
256 MB RAM
Password = wiziblog.com
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