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Need for Speed 2 is a racing game video, 1997, developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is part of a series you need the speed, the sequel to the need for speed (1994), deviates significantly from the focus on realism is the need to speed in passages like to play, and although it provides control of the car. As does his predecessor, and the Need for speed 2 features several exotic cars, including the specific tracks in different parts of the world. Need for speed 2 Game also chose to remove police pursuits that have been made of the need for speed.
Need for speed 2 Game three main types of the game. Need for speed 2 The first two of the same race and the championship race and the last is a knockout. One races allow players to become familiar with the departments and increase their skills in any one of six tracks. He called on the six tracks of the Mediterranean, Mystic Peaks, proving grounds, and remote areas, north of the country, and the Spirit of the Pacific. [1] for cars that run from the beginning and include Mac Laren F1, F50 Ferrari, Ford GT90, XJ220 Jaguar, GT1, Lotus, Lotus Esprit V8, Kalla Design Ital and 112i commendatory Is Dera [1] The game features multiple players on a large scale, including options for 2-8 players via local network, through a modem or serial connection with racing split screen. [2]

One of the towns on the way Sufi Peaks in one race for the player to choose the car of the opposition, while all the cars competing in the championship race at the start of the knockout. There are also two ways, walkways, play or simulation. Development of games for children to deal with the situation improved simulation aims to provide more realism. [3], and can choose the number of rolls of two or four or six years. Are selected automatic transmission or manual, as well as car paint color in all types of game.Racing tournament involves playing all the tracks in order to start can specify the path. Can not only after the successful conclusion of the tournament in first place races are held sixteen. Race races involving the knockout of laps on each of the six tracks with a number of opponents. Remove these races always start on the circuit easier and will continue through each map, the player with the most recent that end up after each race. After the upgrade through all of the tracks is the last revealed the circle. It can then only played studios homogeneous through the completion of all races sixteen.Need for speed 2 interested racing game.

Need for speed 2 Deception
Type these cheats in the main menu: KC Jones type in the main menu to drive the car color of the rainbow and the horizon. (3Dfx only)
Type your name and silspd when you receive a record to make your anger heavier.Road type of car in the main menu and when you honk your car when an opponent in front of you, your opponent will crash.
A kind of madness in the main menu to have cows fly behind you car instead of dust. (3Dfx only)
H until the race to give the car a short speed boost (you must enable cheat slot).
Type of slot in the main menu to enable slot mode in the car-based player (Note that you must be either in the land corridor or the media). Will be converted automatically to make the car you only have to push a button to speed up the race.
Type chase at the main menu to make cars discount you if you follow them. You can make, including more than a jump engine, and make them crash, etc..
N when the race is loading to drive during the night. (N / A with 3Dfx)
Type of rain in the main menu to race with rain conditions in the tops of the reasons to prove or the path of the mystic. (N / A with 3Dfx)
Kind of slide in the main menu to get slippery tracks.
Leading to type in the main menu to upgrade all car engines. This gives them a better deal with andFaster speeds.
Type in the rush hour in the main menu to get a lot of traffic on the road.
Hollywood type in the main menu to get the secret track, Monolithic Studios.
Type of suicide in the main menu to get the Bomber BFS.
Fzr2000 type in the main menu to obtain the FZR 2000.
Type sign at the main menu to get the racing cars of evidence.
Advisable to remove the fences on the race track either the tops of the Mediterranean or the mystic with the F1 Laren Mack in a simulation. At any time during the race, and leadership in the century the opposite direction to maintain your enthusiasm and hit a moving target in the (not significantly) in about 60 miles per hour. Now possible fraud. You must use fraud to be more than 80 miles per hour in the car and hit a guard rail, bridges and other will fly path.
Tilt fraud
Select the FZR2000 engine and the car and use the transmission line. At the beginning of the race at speeds of up to50 – 60 miles per hour. When you reach this speed shift to neutral for one second then to reverse for one second without a key, hit the gas. Now down the gas, the car will tend to forward for 15 seconds, and this is really strange!
Inverted Lotus GT1
Select the Lotus GT1, and drive the car with automatic transmission with style racing games. While racing on any track, and once to reach the speed of 193MPH (311 km / h) up to shift down twice, which makes the car go reverse. The car will reach a point on the straight in the air for the rest of the race, even while turning again to the front.
During a black screen after loading press and hold the band RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. Then the camera zooms in to the car at the beginning of the race press and hold these keys 6 times again. Now you will be able to motor in the camera view above.
Camcorder offers 9
During a black screen after loading press C, B and RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. And then zoom the camera to the car at the beginning of the race press and hold these keys 6 times again. Now you will be able to drive in 9 different points of view of the camera.
Fraud civilian vehicle
Type the following code to make all cars (including you) one of the cars confidentiality. When writing one of the fraud will go only car on the way and vehicles, to drive it with the type of rush hour, cars and other civil cheatThe go to the main menu.

As a result of fraud
VIP – Limousine – School of Earth bus mad – Lord of the wooden house – Dinosaur Rexgo18 – School Busgo19 – Comanche Pick-up Truckgo20 – School Busgo21 – tractor Trailergo22 – School Busgo23 – Audi Quattrogo24 – School Busgo25 – School Busgo26 – Mercedes Benzgo27 – Volkswagen fastbackgo28 – Mazda Miatago29 – School Busgo30 – School Busgo31 – Mercedes army unanimously truckgo32 – School Busgo33 – Mercedes truck unanimously snowgo34 – Monolithic Studios Tour busgo35 – Limousinego36 – Mazda Miatago37 – School Busgo38 – School Busgo39 – School Busgo40 – Boxgo41 Wooden – wheelbarrowgo42 – Standgo43 Wooden – Dinosaur Rexgo44 – Wild West style Wagongo45 – souvenir standgo46 – keepsake holder 2go47 – keepsake holder 3go48 – - Loggo49 – Cage 1go50 – well Fundgo51 – a piece of rock

Qatar North shortcuts
And you pass through the blue tunnel suddenly apply the brakes and move to the right. Will be more on the way next! Will provide a private 7-9 seconds.
Peaceful Spirit shortcut:
Before it reaches the 180-degree turn, you will see the corridor on your left. Slow down and move to left.It can really improve your situation if you are quick!
Road Rage, and this fool run the car to transform itself when you press the ‘h’ (Horn of Africa), and when it comes to the opponent gets near the throw.
Type these cheats in the main menu.
Fraud – workFZR2000 them – gives the car u Cakes (faster) Bomber – UA cakes gives the car a school zone – UA gives bus.VIP – makes all the vehicles (including traffic) Limousines.Decline enable super slip ‘n ‘pattern – slip. Bulldozer and makes more cars than usual. Cooks some awesome cakes Mark -! Car bomber bonus – bonus rush hour car – fzr2000 – SUPER car free trial – Develop pilot, FAST is very Hollywood – Track secret.

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